Instructions | Application for degree certificate

Instructions | Application for degree certificate

Things to consider before filling up the form:

  1.  Required documents
    • Photo requires to be on clear white background. Facing straight towards to camera. Visible both ears & cap not allowed. Photo quality must be greater than 300KB to 1MB. File name must be : rollNumber_photo.jpg
      Eg: 12180020_photo.jpg
    • Scanned copy of Transcript; size less than 1MB. File name must be: rollNumber_transcript_1.jpg, rollNumber_transcript_2.jpg.
      Eg. 12180020_transcript_1.jpg, 12180020_transcript_1.jpg 
      Students having transcript with only single page can upload Scanned copy of Transcript – page 1 only. But Students having transcript with two pages should upload both page on Scanned copy of Transcript – page 1 and Scanned copy of Transcript – page 2 respectively.
    • Scanned copy of Citizenship – front & back separately; size less than 1MB each. File name must be: rollNumber_citizenship_front.jpg, rollNumber_citizenship_back.jpg
      Eg. 12180020_citizenship_front.jpg, 12180020_citizenship_back.jpg
    • Scanned copy of Bank Voucher; size less than 1MB . File name must be: rollNumber_voucher.jpg
  2. Name in Devanagari should be entered in Aalekh font.
  3. Amount to be deposited:

    • Degree Certificate Fee NPR 4000 (Four thousand rupees only)

  4. Transaction ID is provided once you successfully deposit/ transfer amount to :
    • Nepal Investment Bank (NIBL)
      Account Name: P.U.EXAM.CONTROL OFF PKR
      Account Number: 01105020011938
      Branch: Pokhara
    • Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank
      Account Name: P.U. Exam. Control Office
      Account Number: 01200300027317000001
      Branch: Lekhnath
  5. Unique Token number will be sent to your email address which will later be used to check status of your application.
  6. Application status can be checked by entering Email address and Token in the Application Status page.
  7. If you have any query regarding the online form fill up for degree certificate, please send your query to
  8. Check samples of payment slips below for the Transaction ID.

Samples of payment slips: